Tuition School Year 2020-2021

New Student Enrollment1
Contract Deposit2
Application Fee


*Includes $1,500 for the annual Washington, D.C. trip.
The new student enrollment fee is due with a $1,000 contract deposit.

The contract deposit is required to complete the enrollment process and will be credited toward the total tuition amount due.

Tuition does not include the price of books, supplies, and uniforms.



Financial Aid

The Covenant School's financial aid program is available to current students and new applicants for Kindergarten through Grade 12.

Applicants should complete the online financial aid application at FACTS - Financial Aid for Student Tuition. The application process is self-guided and you may navigate in and out of the program allowing you to partially complete an application and return to it at another time. Only one application per family is required and FACTS charges an application fee of $43 to be paid by credit card at the end of the session. FACTS will make a recommendation as to the amount of financial aid to be considered for each applicant based on the applicant’s financial situation.

Please note that no employee or officer of FACTS involved in the evaluation process may be related to any applicant, current student, teacher, administrative official or board member.

All financial aid will be in the form of a credit towards our tuition. If any financial information is falsified, we will, unfortunately, need to disqualify the application. Should we discover falsified information once the school year begins, we will divest the applicant of their financial aid and ask them to reimburse Covenant for the financial aid within 30 days. Should 30 days pass without this balance being paid, the applicant’s student(s) may no longer be admitted to the classroom.

For additional information, please don’t hesitate to contact our Director of Finance, Mrs. Kristin Schuck. She is always happy to answer all questions and personally guide you through any part of the application process.

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