Welcome to the most joy-filled school in Texas.

Here, every day, across vibrant classrooms and dynamic learning spaces, girls and boys in Kindergarten through Grade 12 open their young minds and blossoming hearts to ideas and thinking that will transform their lives forever.

With so many quality schools in Dallas, you might rightly wonder what makes us different – what makes Covenant, Covenant? After all, there is more than one Classical school in town, many more Christian schools, many-many-many private schools, and some great public schools, too.

So why us?

To answer that question, take a moment to experience Covenant through the stories of our parents and students.


After saying goodbye to the interviewing team from Covenant, the mother and father sit at their kitchen table. They smile - and exhale - at the same time. They had searched for the right school for weeks and wondered if they would ever find it. Meeting with the parent-interviewers tonight, they both sensed something unique. More than just like-minded, the men and women from Covenant are like-hearted. It is a distinction that means everything. They decide to choose Covenant for their child. It changes their lives forever.


The 1st Grade girl tilts her head and considers her watercolor. Her burnt sienna tree is taking shape. She saw this tree during her class’s nature walk. Remembering the teacher’s direction, she lightly drags her brush sideways to create texture. She wonders if this is how God makes trees. He must paint a lot. A classmate admires her work with a whispered “Wow” and says she could be an artist when she grows up. The girl smiles, her heart swelling with confidence. Covenant isn’t simply changing how she sees nature. It’s changing how she sees herself.


The boy isn’t aware of it when he explores the realism of Caravaggio’s style, or re-reads Dickinson’s Hope Is The Thing With Feathers with awe. It surely never crosses his mind when he wrestles Spanish verb tenses or analyzes the mysteries of leaf cells under a microscope. What he doesn’t know is that his teachers are synthetizing centuries of human knowledge so that he - a 4th Grader - can someday go as far as he dares to dream. It is a profound gift and Covenant’s remarkable teachers give it to every student, in every classroom, every day.


The new girl is shy. She guesses most Covenant students have known each other for years. But then all the kids in her classes approach her to introduce themselves. They want to know where she’s from, and if she has siblings, and whether she plays any instruments or sports. Everyone is so kind - even the older students. She eats lunch outside with a group of girls and she laughs until it hurts. When her Mom picks her up at the end of her first day, she can’t wait for tomorrow. Covenant didn’t make her feel like she was new. It made her feel like she was family.


While he might not send a group text announcing it, the 7th Grader enjoys logic. As with Latin, he can almost feel it stretch his mind. When he is with his friends who are not students at Covenant, he is beginning to intuitively recognize inconsistencies in their opinions about everything from the Avengers to the Mavs. He secretly thinks it’s kind of cool. They are still his best friends; he just can’t turn off his reasoning. Fiat lux. Brighter and brighter, the light in his mind is shining.


Sitting around the Harkness table is one of her favorite things to do at Covenant. In fact, it doesn’t even seem like school when she is debating big ideas with her classmates. Harnessing her blossoming skills in logic and rhetoric, she deploys words and reshapes arguments to subtly persuade her fellow students to reconsider their own thinking. While the young woman believes she is learning to lead others to a conclusion, she is actually learning to lead others to truth. It is something she will do for years to come.


Oops. He forgot to heat the pool. The boy is designing a house for his Architecture project. He kneels on the Art Room floor and studies the 1/4” model he built by hand. He wonders if he can install rooftop solar panels to warm the water. He makes a note to ask his Honors Physics teacher about infrared radiation absorption rates. Beyond enhancing the boy’s sense of design, Covenant is cultivating his ability to solve problems. In a world frothing with divide, he will need this skill to bring people together. The world needs problem solvers. He will be ready.


The mother watches her daughter on the stage during the graduation ceremony. A teacher with a microphone is recounting a humorous anecdote about how this once-shy girl grew into the confident leader sitting here today. Squeezing her husband’s hand, the mother sees pride in his eyes, and awe in the faces of her young sons beside him. Both little boys told her they want to grow up to be like their big sister. She feels tears on her cheeks. She knew Covenant might change her daughter. She did not expect it to change her family, too.


Looking back, the senior is grateful for many things. She is grateful for sweet memories of racing between cottages during rainstorms, and gathering each year for Christmas Chapel. She is grateful for the ageless Mr. Brown and his recorder during carpool, and for the enigmatic Mr. Whiskers. She is grateful for inspiring teachers who altered the very trajectory of her life (that’s you, Mrs. Miller), and for quietly transcendent moments on the field when she discovered something inside herself (thanks, Coach Yohe). Mostly, she is grateful for who she has become. More than a better student, Covenant has made her a more complete human being.


Transformed by God and united by faith, we come to Covenant from many different towns and backgrounds. Here, strangers develop into friends, families grow into communities, children flourish into lifelong learners, and young men and women transform into winsome defenders of truth. Some alumni will build businesses that create new industries. Some will invent medicines to heal the sick. Some will go on missions to share God’s grace. We all transform at Covenant, and we move the world when we do.