Welcome from the Head of School

If you have children, you are already on an exciting adventure. You have been tasked with the most challenging responsibility known to humankind and, by God’s grace, you have made it this far. Well done!

At The Covenant School, we too are on an adventure. As a community of like-hearted families, we are on a journey of faith and learning together. Not only are our children learning - not only are our young adults growing in their faith - we are too!

Somewhere along the way we learned that once our children started all-day school - they would spend more waking hours at school and involved in school-related activities than they would spend with us. We realized that who they spent those hours with, who most shaped their thinking and beliefs, and who cared about them and supported them day to day and year after year really mattered. And we discovered that the way children learn – the specific ways they are taught – actually determines how their brains are formed, how their character is shaped, and how their spiritual lives develop.

Obviously, no single school can meet every family’s needs for educating their children.  But if joy-filled school days, skills for success, lifelong learning, and connections to like-hearted families with a common purpose are what you have been looking for, Covenant may be the school for you. So as you research our Classical, Charlotte Mason-based program, and observe how we experience authentic Christian community together, we hope you might consider including the Covenant journey in your family’s life adventure.


Robert Littlejohn, Ph.D.
Head of School

Robert Littlejohn, Ph.D. has served as the head of The Covenant School for two years. Previously he served as the head of Trinity Academy of Raleigh, NC. He is co-author of Wisdom and Eloquence: a Christian Paradigm for Classical Learning.

Littlejohn's career spans 30 years in K-12 and higher education, during which he has served in a variety of teaching and administrative capacities, including academic vice president at Covenant College. He was founding headmaster for New Covenant Schools in Virginia, founding executive director for the Society for Classical Learning and a founding board member for the American School of Lyon, France. He is a certified facilitator for Appreciative Inquiry and a consultant to colleges and schools across the nation. As a Ph.D. Biologist, he has authored two college biology laboratory texts and has published 26 reports of original research in the fields of Ecology, Plant Physiology, Biochemistry and Science Educational Theory.