The arts are an integral part of a classical education. From Shakespeare to Monet to Beethoven, the arts enrich our lives, deepen our understanding and engagement with the culture, and give us sincere expression for that which we believe, love, and value most.

Our amazing fine arts faculty pours their passion and talent into our students, resulting in award-winning participation in all areas of the arts - drama, art, and music. Don’t miss the opportunity to come alongside this dedicated group of teachers as they use their gifts to equip and encourage our (and maybe even your) students.

We need you. We need your help, support, and resources. Join Friends of the Arts (FOTA) and be part of this exciting time as our students grow and flourish along with Covenant’s fine arts program. FOTA welcomes membership and volunteer participation from parents, grandparents, and extended friends and family.

Our Membership Opportunities Include:

  • Member | $75  Basic Family Member

  • Patron | $500  Basic Family Membership with printed recognition

  • Fellow | $1000  Membership with printed and verbal recognition

  • Director | $2500  Season Presenting Sponsor

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