The Board of Trustees

The purpose of The Covenant School Board of Trustees is to define and guard the School’s purpose, mission, and values. To achieve these goals, the Board focuses on long-range and strategic issues. Individual Trustees do not become involved in specific management, personnel or curricular issues. Instead, the Board as a whole is responsible for matters, including:
• The overriding policies, philosophies and strategic plans of the School

• The financial stability and the financial future of the School

• The preservation and growth of capital assets and endowments

• The selection, support, and evaluation of the Head of School

The Head of School implements the policies of the Board and serves as the chief administrative officer of the School. The Board of Trustees and the Head of School work together to ensure the success and future of The Covenant School.

Eliot Kerlin
Chairman of the Board

Jeff Walker

Amy Anderson

Elise Harper

Dr. Gregg Hodges

Andrea Kim

Allan Koenig

Gary Koerner

John Lewis

Tony Long

Brian McFarlane

Ray Sperring

Robert Littlejohn, Head of School