The Grammar School

The Grammar School includes Kindergarten or Explorers through Grade 5. It is the first stage of the Trivium.

We refer to our kindergarten students as Explorers because exploring is precisely how they spend their time with us. Immersed in an ever-expanding world of letters and numbers, fairy tales and real history, God’s creation and God’s Word, days are wonderful and wonder-filled. The Explorers experience sets the tone for our entire Grammar School and all the exciting years to follow at Covenant.

Overall, the Grammar School focuses on the fundamental element, or grammar, of each subject area in order to build a framework for all future knowledge. If you walk by a classroom in The Grammar School, you might hear students chanting parts of speech, or reciting Scripture, or retelling historical events. You may see students presenting projects, working in groups to create a simple machine, or even rolling dice to practice math facts.

The Grammar School is the best beginning.