Covenant Classical Education

When you visit a Classical school, you will almost inevitably encounter an unfamiliar word: Trivium. Covenant and its divisions are actually organized around the Trivium and its three stages, so it is worthwhile to briefly explain what it means.

The Trivium describes the three learning stages of students: Grammar, Logic, and Rhetoric. At Covenant, Grammar is represented in our Kindergarten through Grade 5; Logic is represented in Grades 6 through 8; and Rhetoric is our high school, Grades 9 through12.


What is the benefit of this staged approach?

As proven over centuries, across continents, and throughout diverse cultures, the Trivium and Classical Christian education collectively equip your student to learn independently, think critically, analyze logically, and express themselves with clarity and purpose. In fact, we believe the purpose of the Trivium and Classical Christian education is the formation of an authentic human being. This is a soul-shaping endeavor.

Our learning and teaching philosophy at Covenant is also influenced by Charlotte Mason, a 19th Century educator. Ms. Mason believed it is our duty as educators to present students with a “feast” of living ideas expressed in great works of art and music, literature and history, science and nature. We cultivate a delight in knowing, a desire for truth, and a love of beauty, as we point them to the Source of all that is good, true, and beautiful. With that purpose in mind, our 100-plus faculty and staff utilize every bit of our 18-acre campus to integrate nature and outdoor learning into their lesson plans.


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The Grammar School

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Rhetoric School

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