Covenant is a community rich with traditions.

These annual events enhance a student’s learning while also deepening their relationship with God and each other. These are memories students hold dear forever.

Opening Chapel

School-wide invocation to consecrate the year. All students and parents are encouraged to attend.

Grandparents Day

A day celebrating Grammar School grandparents and the hard work their grandchildren have done for the year. Here students sing songs, recite Bible verses, and perform Shakespeare. 

Love Thy Neighbor

A community service project event for Logic School students.

Declamation (Logic School)

Students in Grade 6 through 8 memorize and deliver a two-minute poem to an audience of peers. Finalists advance to a community-wide ceremony with outside judges.

Declamation (Rhetoric School)

Students in Grades 9 through 11 continue a tradition that begins in the Logic School by memorizing a 3 to 4-minute historical or Shakespearean speech and delivering it to an audience of peers. Finalists advance to a community-wide ceremony with outside judges.

Senior Thesis

Highlighted as the capstone for a Classical, Christian education, seniors spend their final year researching and writing a 15-page paper on the topic of their choice. The project culminates in an oral defense before a panel of judges.

Timeline Song

Explorers learn the timeline song depicting the history of man from Adam to present day and dress as characters to sing it for the entire school.

Living History Days

Grammar students and their parents spend a fun-filled day discovering different periods in history through emersion and enactment.

Shakespeare Festival and Play

All things Shakespeare are celebrated. All Logic School students have an opportunity to audition for a Shakespeare play which is performed for peers and parents during the festival.

8th Grade Blessings Chapel

The 8th grade class chooses a class Bible verse, makes a class shield and gathers with their parents who pray for them as they embark on the journey to high school.

Christmas chapel

A time for the entire school community to come together for lessons and carols in celebration of the birth of Jesus.


Every fall during a home football game, alumni are invited back to participate in homecoming activities.


Every winter, the community gathers to celebrate basketball in the Carson Leslie Center.  Every basketball team from Grade 3 through 12 have a scheduled game culminating with a varsity boys and varsity girls game.

SWEET on soccer

A community event to celebrate our soccer teams and their accomplishments.

easter Chapel

A Grammar School chapel where students bring flowers to place on a cross. The flowering of the cross represents the transition from meditation on Jesus’ death to a joyful celebration of his resurrection. The ceremony transforms a barren cross, a reminder of Jesus’ resurrection but also of the continuing presence of Christ among today's Christians. 

Powder Puff Football

During the spring, the senior girls play the junior girls in a flag football game. The junior and senior boys are the coaches, referees, and cheerleaders.


Junior Blazer Ceremony

Juniors receive their blazers at a ceremony in the fall, marking their advancement to upperclassmen status.



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