Supporting Alumni businesses

Welcome to the Alumni Small Business Directory! It is my hope that you utilize this page to support these amazing businesses created by Covenant Alumni. It has been a joy to watch them use their gifts and talents and creatively share them with the world. If you have any questions about a listing please contact me. 

Mary Katherine Mountjoy '13

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by Liza Miller Bell '08

Curated pieces found in Antigua, Guatemala. Ranging from incredibly handwoven blouses to tassel ornaments, each piece is created with purpose and intention by incredible artisans.



by Akina Dimock Perez '09

The motto of Lots of Love Bakery, "Eat & Be Glad", comes from Ecclesiastes 9:7. Food shouldn’t be a source of guilt, but instead the means to honor your body. By making baked goods filed with wholesome & organic ingredients, we can create both a reason to celebrate and a good thing to enjoy on the big days and the mundane ones all the same. Akina’s lifelong passion for healthy living led her to major in nutrition and childhood development. She now uses her education in the very best way: baking and feeding her family good things. Rachel’s personal struggle with an eating disorder has cultivated a similar passion for good, balanced living and a healthy relationship with food. As she studies to become a licensed Christian counselor, she hopes to eliminate the perception that food is something that has to be earned or restricted. Lots of Love Bakery is the combined result of Rachel & Akina’s complimentary passions for health and belief that balanced living is a big, important deal. 10% of all our profits are donated to eating disorder counseling and resources.